Hi, my name is Cory Matthew Rodgers,
but I go by Crush, or $ickxboy now.

I was born in 1986 with the name Eric Wells Jr.
but my mother changed my name when I
was 6, while my father was in jail for severely
beating her before I could even talk. He left 
town when he got out, and I never found
him until I was 35. He lives on Vancouver
Island. We met once and he wants
nothing to do with me.

I was raised in Burlington Ontario, in a broken
home by a narcassictic mother and errogant
step-father. Emotionally abused and beaten
on my entire life by my 2 years older half
brother who I never had a relationship with,
and I am 15 years older then my younger
brother who I never got to watch grow up. 
Like many suburban kids, abandoned on
weekends while my parents partied and did
drugs, I was left to fend for myself from
a young age. Shoplifting, breaking into
houses, stealing cars, and ultimately
getting involved heavily in selling hardcore
drugs before I was old enough to write my
learners drivers license. 

After forming a heavy metal band
and finishing highschool in 2005, I was recruited
to play guitar in the first signed band I would
play in called 'Circuit For The Blackout'
of Verona Records, before ultimately joining the
band of former labelmates/hamilton hometown
heroes, 'SKYNET' of Underground Operations. 

My dreams were coming true. 

Despite everything seemingly coming
together with my music career in 2012,
and the budding of a somewhat prosperous
life, my falling out with former idol turned best
friend, and sudden departure from 'SKYNET'
began the start of a downward sprial with my
mental health. With a newly developed anxiety,
I ended up constantly chasing validation
through music for the wrong reasons,
without any real efforts. I was estranged
from my family for being the outspoken 
black sheep, and ended up going off
the hinges harassing them with empty
hateful violent threats, multiple times.
Years of drug and alchohol
abuse ensued.

After a few years living out west, I ended
up back in Hamilton, doing vocals in a punk
band I created called 'SNAKEFIGHTERS'.
In June 2016 I was attacked by the
guitarist of the band, and beaten with a
guitar in my apartment. I ended up 
with a broken orbital floor,
sinking of the eye, broken jaw, broken nose,
broken ribs, and a multiple facial scars.
They had caution taped my house off
as a potential murder scene.
I am now legally blind in my left eye,
and have permanent double vision.

I ended up off track and selling drugs again,
where I eventually found myself in the
hospital fighting sepsis and was diagnosed
with type 2 diabetes in June 2019.
I was quite literally dying in the hospital,
off the rails, and I struggled to get clean.

August of 2020 my house was taken by
S.W.A.T team, and I was placed under arrest
for 'possesion of cocaine with the intent to traffic'
and 'possesion of an unauthorized firearm'.
I never had any firearms, but to this day I am
grateful I never signed the consent to
search form, neither did the chief, and the
charges were dropped. It was the biggest wake
up call of my life, and that very night I decided
I would never sell drugs again.

Shortly after I vowed to clean my act up,
I decidedto leave Hamilton and Ontario, for good.
I moved back to Vancouver, Feb 2021, with one
goal in mind... to get back to my true self,
the charismatic, calm, caring, innocent human
I once was and still am at heart,
so I could live my life and chase my dreams.

I bought an RV spring of 2022, moved
out of my apartment and left my job as a welder
in the ironworkers union to live freely under my
own terms. I made my way to Vancouver Island
that July for a camping trip up north. After
breaking down getting home from the trip, and
finding a cool place to park more permanently,
 I one day randomly stumbled on a TikTok
open verse rap challenge and have never
stopped working hard on my rap career since.
I now proudly call Victoria BC (Sooke) home,
where I am clean, sober, and
following my passion.

Thank you to everyone who has ever been
there for me, and helped me along the way.
 I will not stop until I have a career as a
touring musician. 

Whatever it takes. 


                 - Crush